LifeMap is a regional insurance carrier based in Portland and owned by long-time TrestleMedia client Cambia Health Solutions. LifeMap's previous site was difficult to navigate and update, and was not optimized for mobile views.  

We worked with LifeMap to identify the multiple audiences who would be using the website and developed a communications hierarchy focusing on the needs of individual consumers who had no existing relationship with LifeMap. 

To effectively reach this audience, we recommended a needs-based  marketing approach on the home page which is much more engaging for users. Through graphic treatment and clear calls to action, the core site audience can immediately find what they are looking for.

Existing members, employers and insurance brokers have their own swift way to navigate from home to immediately accomplish tasks such as making a payment or submitting a claim.

We streamlined content entry and created custom editing tools within Drupal 7 that allow site administrators to create sidebar calls to action throughout the siteAdministrators can also add new featured product blocks to the bottom of a page, or reuse existing product blocks, without leaving the content entry form. This structure makes it really easy to cross-link related content and keep users engaged in the site.

Since launch customer service phone calls have been greatly reduced, indicating that users are finding the content they need. Site visits are up 21% and analytics tracking demonstrates that users are navigating the site logically rather than jumping from section to section.


Home Page Before & After

Before: Users didn't know which audience they belonged to. The term “individual” was very confusing for users not familiar with industry terms. Employees with group coverage weren’t sure if they were "individuals" or not.
After: The new navigation makes it clear where users can shop for insurance (“Shop Individual Plans”) and shows some insurance needs right on the home page.  If they already have a policy with LifeMap, they can go right to Members without needing to know what kind of member they are.


Member Services Before & After

Before: Since LifeMap Advantage discounts apply to both member types, the original LifeMap site had duplicate content for these pages in “Individuals & Families” and “Employers & Employees”
After: Trestle solved this problem by moving all the information for existing group and individual members into one navigation item called “Members”. We moved the employer content to its own section, above the main nav. At the point users need to identify their member type (in the Members megamenu) we added explanatory text: “Not through employer” and “Offered through employer.”


Group Plans Before & After

Before: Since the group plan descriptions previously appeared under “Employers & Employees” and “Producers”, removing this information from the audience-based categorization cut down even more duplicate content pages.
After: Now the group plan information is separated off from audience labels, so it doesn’t need to be duplicated in multiple sections.