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Alain Darwich


Alain has worked with TrestleMedia for the past six years, most recently as the newest member of the in-house team. His extensive background in Web application development includes both custom and off-the-shelf .net content management systems. Never one to run from a challenge, Alain has directed his latest efforts towards open source development solutions such as Wordpress and Drupal. When not at work, Alain is sampling fine wines out by his home in Dundee.


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Justin Dodge

Senior Technical Consultant

Justin takes the ambitious ideas of our clients and brings them to life with practical solutions. If you think of an interactive application as a house, Justin is the architect who knows just the right platform to deploy to keep it from falling down. As an Acquia Grand Master Certified Developer (yes, that's a thing) and active module contributor to Drupal, Justin knows his way around the API of the most popular content management system requested by our clients.


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Ray Estrada

Senior Experience Designer/Developer

Ray Estrada can take an idea and run with it. With a fine arts degree from Cal State University, Ray channels his extensive arts experience into creative graphic design for all media. Since joining the team in 2009, Ray has expanded his role of graphic designer to become a talented and detail-oriented front-end developer and Drupal site builder and now acts acts as technical lead for many of our key accounts.  He also plays bass and drums when he’s not playing with his three kids.


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Michelle Hiltner

Senior Producer

Michelle studied film production at Towson University, which lead to a job at LAIKA working on the stop-motion animated feature Coraline. Now instead of managing details of miniature-sized characters, she keeps all our human-sized designers and developers on track. Michelle completed her PMP certification in 2015 and is using her learning to constantly improve our internal processes.


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Nicole La Dick

Production Coordinator

Nicole is the newest talented addition to Trestle. She brings a keen eye for detail and quality control to the team. Her past experiences minding schedules and myriad tasks for little ones as a nanny helped prepare her for multi-tasking at a project level. In her free time, Nicole enjoys going out into nature for hiking and camping and sitting down with a good book.


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Clay Marshall

Managing Director

Clay Marshall is the founder and Managing Director of TrestleMedia. Clay channels his background as a graphic designer with a fine arts degree from George Washington University into leading this small and talented group of dedicated designers and developers in executing complex government, corporate and agency client sites.


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Cynthia Nelson

Client Services

As a poet and multi-instrumentalist songwriter, Cynthia brings a unique skill set to TrestleMedia. She has been making music and words come together in amazing ways since 1992 when she formed the seminal female-complicated rock band Ruby Falls. Cynthia has toured throughout the U.S. before joining our team, where she helps on everything from invoicing to QA. Cynthia holds a B.A. in English from Wesleyan University and an M.F.A. in Writing from Bard College.


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Mark Planchak

Senior Front End Developer

Over the past seven years at TrestleMedia, Mark has brought to life the vision of our designers and of our clients. With almost two decades of experience as a developer, he has constantly immersed himself in redefining the user experience - from improving accessibility for users with visual impairments to ensuring that functionality is seamless across all devices.


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Jennifer Seavey

Director of Client Services

Jennifer started her career at big ad agencies in New York. After relocating in 2001, she worked for several local agencies and her own interactive company. She partnered with TrestleMedia on several projects, which lead to joining the team full time. Jennifer brings a wealth of experience managing countless campaigns for major brands including American Express, MetLife, Hewlett-Packard and Estee Lauder.


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John Spellman


John is a highly skilled developer and our in-house WordPress expert. A recent Portland convert, John seamlessly integrated with our internal team and took over management of several sites on his first day. He is currently learning the ways of Drupal with his usual proactive and solutions-oriented attitude.


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Laela Wilding

Program Manager, Community Grant Initiative

Laela Wilding has worked as a graphic designer for 20 years. Laela also passionately serves as an ambassador to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and serves on the board of Our House of Portland, an organization that provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to low-income people living with HIV. Laela is thrilled to launch TrestleMedia’s new Community Grant Initiative, which will provide service grants to local nonprofits, strengthening and supporting Portland’s community.


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Anne Woods

Experience Designer

Anne always enjoys the challenge of a untangling a new information architecture jumble. She’s happiest making sitemaps and wireframes, talking to clients about would make sense for their site and who their users are, and asking "Why?". Anne's been in web development for 10 years, and has a wide variety of experience from web production to graphic design. In her personal time she likes hiking, nature photography, and coding meetups.