TrestleMedia Community Grant Initiative

Empowering community organizations with accessible and professional web technologies.

The TrestleMedia Community Grant Initiative is a service-based grant program created in April 2016 with the intention of providing valuable web services for small community organizations. Through pro-bono work, our team of experts are able to provide organizations with powerful new tools. Utilizing their expertise in interface design, responsive application development, content strategy planning and beyond, the TrestleMedia team gives back to community initiatives they are inspired by.

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Each grant cycle TrestleMedia will offer up to 100 hours of technology services to a small community organization selected by the staff. Depending on the needs of the grant applicants, multiple grants may be awarded.

What Inspires Us?

At the beginning of this year, each staff member at TrestleMedia was asked to identify areas of need in our community that they would like their services to help support. Each area of need was grouped into the categories listed below.

Each grant cycle we will offer a grant to community organizations that are focused in the selected area of need. 

  • Violence Prevention (including youth-specific initiatives, gun control)
  • Human Services (family services for adolescent parents, ethnic & immigrant centers, homeless centers, LGBT centers)
  • Youth Development
  • Civil Rights (including social action & advocacy)
  • Arts, Culture and Humanities

The grant cycle is open to organizations that service ALL areas of need.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our projects provide high-potential nonprofits with the tools and services needed to strengthen and elevate your brand to better serve your community. We guarantee that our teams deliver top-tier services, customized to meet your specific objectives and help you advance your mission.

Typical services provided by our team include:

  • Website Design
  • Drupal and Wordpress Development
  • Mobile and Responsive Applications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing

If your organization has a specific technical need that is not listed above, please contact us to inquire about supporting the service needed. We are a creative team with diverse talents and are always open to new challenges.

Who Do We Support?

Our focus with these grants are small community organizations. To be eligible for a Service Grant, an organization should be a nonprofit with programs that benefit communities in or near Oregon state. Specific requirements for organizations will be specified with the opening of each grant cycle.

We do not make grants to religiously affiliated organizations nor to organizations that have a religious curriculum. We do not make grants to individuals.  

When Can You Apply?

TrestleMedia will be offering two grants per year. An online application form will be published at the start of each grant cycle.

Spring/Summer Grant Cycle

The Spring/Summer grant cycle timeline is as follows:

  • Open to applications: April 1st
  • Online application deadline: June 1st
  • Final selection: June 15th
  • Project production: July to September

Fall/Winter Grant Cycle

The Fall/Winter grant cycle timeline is as follows:

  • Open to applications: October 1st
  • Online application deadline: November 15th
  • Final selection: December 1st
  • Project production: January to March